Weekend Eats in Motomachi 週末の外食(神戸元町で!)

Hey everyone,

It’s almost the middle of the week but I have a quick vegan food report from the weekend. I was in Kobe with some friends and stopped by Yidaki Cafe for an afternoon coffee and dessert (everyone does this, right?)  and dinner at Modernark Pharm Cafe in Motomachi. As both these restaurants have convenient locations and hours, they are both very accessible and I highly recommend trying them out if you are vegan, vegetarian, or just trying to eat healthier. I have information and links to the restaurant websites after the pictures!





Yidaki Cafe イダキカフェ:http://yidakicafe.blog.fc2.com/

Modernark Pharm Cafe モダナークファームカフェ:http://modernark-cafe.chronicle.co.jp/


Thank you for reading! More posts will be coming soon.





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