Vegan weekend eats 週末のヴィーガン外食

This past weekend I ate a lot of good food.


On Saturday morning I stopped by the Kobe Farmer’s Market with a friend and had a vegan mapo tofu bowl for brunch. Every farmer’s market (held a few times a month near Sannomiya Station) there is a stand that sells a vegan brunch/lunch item, as well as snacks and desserts. This time, the stand was from NIUfarm, a local farm near Sannomiya, which I have mentioned in a previous post.


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For dinner, I finally got the chance to try the vegan ramen at Chabuton near Osaka Station. I also ordered the vegetable gyoza (vegan) on the side. I was stuffed but very happy. 大阪駅に近くのチャブトンの店にようやく行けて晩ご飯を食べました。ヴィーガンラーメン(メニューに、「新野菜系らあ麺」が書いてあります)とヴィーガン野菜餃子を頼みました。ラーメンが大好きな私が喜んで、とても満足でした(量が大きめですが)。お勧めします〜。

Chabuton’s vegan ramen チャブトンのヴィーガンラーメン:


The next day I went to Okayama City, where I ate a dosa (for the first time in two years) with chana masala daal at milenga, a local Indian restaurant. The food was delicious and fresh, and I recommend this restaurant if you are in the area, even for the dosa alone (unfortunately, the set vegetarian meal is not suitable for vegans as ghee (clarified butter common in Indian cuisine) is used).


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