Vegan Tokyo in Shinokubo 新大久保で食べたもの



Recently I went to Shinjuku for the night and got lunch the next day at a café I’ve been wanting to visit for quite some time. I visited Saishoku Kenbi, which is a short walk from Shin Okubo Station. Everything at the restaurant is at least ovo-lacto vegetarian, if not completely vegan (dairy and egg-containing items are clearly marked on the menu!). I was also asked by the staff if I was vegan, so I have the impression that they understand veganism and want to take care of their customers!

For my set lunch I chose the tofu kabayaki  (traditionally grilled eel in a teriyaki-like sauce) bowl which was very delicious and well-cooked. The volume of the food is on the larger side, which I view as a good thing. I paid 1300 yen in total and was very satisfied with the food and the service. I am looking forward to a return trip so I can try more of the menu. If you are in the area I recommend checking this place out!



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