Vegan Eats from Reno リノ、ネバダ州で食べたもの

This past weekend I went on a short visit to Reno, Nevada, with my family. While most of the trip was spent inside a dark, smoky casino (but I don’t smoke and I wasn’t gambling), I did get to venture outside a couple times and found quite a lot of vegan food in the area.先週末、ネバダ州のリノ市というロスベガスみたいなカジノで有名な町に行ってきました。ほとんどの旅行はホテル、カジノ内で過ごしてしまいましたが、外に行ってリノのレストラン街にいけました。驚いてヴィーガンの食べ物もいっぱいありました。

For dinner one night, we stopped by a locally well-known pizza parlor that also offered vegan pies with Daiya. Having not eaten American-style pizza in two years, I was very excited to order and eat. The pizza was pretty dang good.夜ご飯、ピザにしました(アメリカに帰って、ようやく本物のピザのチャンス!だと思って、ピザをたくさん食べることにしました。)。「Daiya」という乳製品不使用チーズのせてピザを地元のピザの店で注文して、美味しいをピザ食べました。


Noble Pie Parlor:

For lunch on the day we left to go home, we stopped by Reno again, in the downtown/Riverwalk area, and found The DeLuxe, a funky, new-ish restaurant located in the center of some renovated business complex. As we were told by the hostess, everything on the menu is vegan, but customers can choose to add meat or fish to their dish (you can also order tofu and other veggie proteins).最後の日はまたリノの中心に寄って、自然料理やベジタリアン料理の店を見つけました。この店のメニューには基本の料理は植物性・ヴィーガンですが、肉や魚を食べたいと思う客さんが追加できます。


Pictured above is what I decided on–the “EBE Teriyaki Bowl.” It was delicious and I highly recommend this restaurant! If you are curious, please check out the link below (you can also view their full menu online).私はてりやき野菜丼にしました。とっても美味しくて、リノに行ったら、ぜひ行ってみてください。

The DeLuxe:

Finally, I got ahold of some vegan ice cream. Close by the The DeLuxe is Icecycle Creamery, a local ice cream shop. They had one non-dairy, vegan flavor on their menu, so I indulged (the basic wafer/cake cone is vegan as well!).ヴィーガンアイスクリームも見つかりました…


“Dora’s Exploration” is a blueberry and lavender coconut milk-based ice cream. I’m pretty sure the flavors the shop makes change periodically, but this one was great!ココナツミルク、ブルーベリー、ラベンダーの味にしました。

Icecycle Creamery:


Thank you so much for reading. More posts coming soon!


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