Vegan dinner party ディナーパーティー

This past weekend my friend and I attempted to cook for a small dinner party in Osaka. Despite me not having a lot of experience cooking for others, the party was fairly successful and people enjoyed most of the food. Since graduating two years ago coming to Japan, I have quickly come to the sad realization I do not possess any knack for cooking. On top of my lack of inherent cooking sense and abilities, my current circumstances are limiting on the cooking I can experiment with. Most days when I get home from work I am exhausted. If I have errands to run after work, I am even more tired. If I don’t eat out and I decide to cook something myself, I just want to be lazy and won’t cook anything inventive.


Making food for and with friends, was refreshing break to my lonely dinner habits and gave me a good chance to think more creatively about food. With encouragement from my friend, we got excited for the party, planned an ambitious menu, complete with an appetizer, three main dishes, and dessert. Below are just a couple photos of the food, since there wasn’t a good chance to photograph everything.



Tofu frittata and baked macaroni and cheese 豆腐フリッタータとマカロニとチーズ


The main course, plated. ディナーパーティーの主菜

On the day of the party, we met up, shopped for our ingredients, and cooked (at our own, fairly leisurely pace) for the entire afternoon. I enjoyed the cooking more than I thought I would (having a partner around was a lot of fun), and the results of our combined labor were delicious (mostly). We made a tofu and vegetable frittata for the appetizer, and our main dish consisted of quinoa “meat” balls, macaroni with “cheese” sauce, and baked beans. Unfortunately, the beans didn’t get enough cooking time and actually ended up being too hard to eat–although the sauce we cooked in received good reviews. Dessert (not pictured) was a oatmeal-chocolate-banana-peanut butter pie.


The dinner party, despite the flaws with the beans, was a lot of fun and I hope to have one again before summer hits.  ディナーパーティーは、豆失敗でもに成功だったと思います!夏になるまでにできればまたしたいと考えています。



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