Sushi for easy vegetarian and vegan eating out・簡単なベジタリアン外食はお寿司

Hello everyone! Apologies for again not posting in awhile… recently I’ve been preoccupied with work, potentially finding new work (I’m hoping have to have a new job by next year) studying, so I really haven’t taken the time I should to write more here.

Recently I haven’t been going out to many cool vegan places, but today I thought I would share my favorite vegan and vegetarian dining out option… conveyor belt sushi (kaitenzushi)! Rather than ordering off a menu, at conveyor belt sushi places you simply pick up the plate you want to eat, and eat until you are satisfied.


スクリーンショット 2016-12-05 19.04.21.png

My first recommendation is a chain called Sushiro. Pictured above are their cucumber, natto, and shinko (picked radish) rolls. They also have edamame, kanpyo (gourd available depending on the season, I believe), french fries, and a great pumpkin tempura. The quality is consistent across different stores and something I can depend on when I’m hungry and not looking to spend a lot of money (each veggie plate is 100 yen).



Other good options you might find while in Japan include Kappazushi, Hamazushi, and Kurazushi! Your options will include at least a cucumber roll, natto roll, a pickled radish roll, edamame, and french fries. Sometimes you will find menus with umeboshi (pickled plum) which I also recommend. Inarizushi (the rolls with friend tofu skin and sesame) pictured above can also be an option, but depending on the store the ingredients might contain mackerel or some other fish allergen. If you are ovo-lacto vegetarian, you can also eat a corn/mayonnaise roll that is offered at many restaurants… However, due to the bonito/katsuo dashi issue, ovo-lacto vegetarians might want to avoid tamago/tamagoyaki sushi.


There you have it! When I am with a group of people and we must eat out together, I suggest conveyor belt sushi/kaitenzushi. I tend to get confused looks because vegetable sushi is not something that comes to mind, but after I explain that there actually are options for me, it becomes a good choice that everyone can be satisfied with.

Thanks for reading and please stay tuned for more posts in the near future on more ramble-y posts on food, health, and life in general!