School ALT Life: Vegan Baking 学校のALT生活:ヴィーガンベーキング

Earlier this month I introduced vegan baking to some the students at the school I currently work at as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher). My school has been accepting of my vegetarianism and veganism since I started here nearly two years ago. During my time here so far, I have taken advantage of this to plan and conduct a few small-scale cooking and baking events at my school. With help and collaboration from the teachers at my school and the cooking club, we attempted and made chocolate chip cookies and brownies.


To make the chocolate chip cookies we decided on a recipe that used coconut oil and soymilk to replace the dairy and eggs.



Mixing the cookie dough 生地を混ぜている


Ready to bake オーブンで焼くところ



The final product… due to the lack of non-dairy chocolate chips here, we ended up using jumbo-sized dark chocolate chips that further expanded in the oven. The cookie dough puffed up as well, resulting in bigger, more chocolate-y cookies than we thought. They were delicious, however, and we wished we had made more (at least I did!)!


The following week, I made vegan brownies with the cooking club. Our numbers were double what I initially thought, so we had to tweak the recipe, but it ended up alright in the end! 次の週、家庭科学部とヴィーガンブラウニーを作ってみました。人数が初めて考えたより2倍にしてしまったので、来てくれた生徒が食べられるようにレシピを変更しなければなりませんでした。それにしては、割と美味しいブラに―を作って無事にできました。


Melting the dark chocolate ダークチョコレートを溶かしている

IMG_6211 Freshly out of the oven 焼きたて!


Ready to eat! 食べましょう!


Successful and delicious vegan brownies! One batch was plain and one was made with walnuts. 上手に作って美味しいブラウニーができて良かったです。クルミなしとクルミが2種類のブラ二―を作った。

I am lucky that the home economics teachers at my school are friendly and have been willing to let me try after-school baking with students. I think bonding with students and creating an ALT presence outside the classroom in general is very important. As a food enthusiast, cooking and baking with my students very easy and fun. If you teach at a school and have access to a kitchen, you can create a great teaching and learning experience through the common denominator of food–something everyone loves and enjoys.



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