Lunch at Teeda Cafe お昼は姫路市のTEEDAカフェで

Today for lunch I finally went to Teeda Cafe in Himeji! Since the access is a bit wonky I haven’t been able to go, but I was able to take advantage of the day off to take the time to visit. I went without a reservation and had to wait a bit (around 20 minutes) before there was an open seat, but the food and the atmosphere was worth it.

I had plenty of options to choose from, as everything on the menu is vegan or vegetarian.



IMG_5357A peak of the unique interior. Unfortunately, I didn’t take enough pictures, but there are also tables in alcoves that look like caves. As the restaurant is small, I recommend making a reservation or coming early if you want to sit in one! 独特な内装!それより、もっと素敵な席もあるが、撮れた写真には写っていない…IMG_5354You can choose soy milk for your coffee. コーヒーから豆乳も選ばれる。

IMG_5355The vegan taco rice (a well-known  dish popular in Okinawa, similar to a taco salad you can get at a Mexican restaurant) was delicious. ヴィーガンタコライスは美味しかった!

IMG_5356I chose a vegan muffin for dessert. デザートは、ヴィーガンマフィンを頂きました。

Please check out the restaurant website for more details on the menu and hours! It is out of the way but a relatively easy and quick bus ride from Himeji Station.




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