Life Update: Going Vegan

Hi everyone,

As today’s title implies, I have decided to go vegan. After nearly eleven years of being ovo-lacto vegetarian, especially within the past few years, I have thought often about going full-vegan and cutting out the dairy products and eggs I consume. As much as I love ice cream and pancakes, and as inconvenient as it is living in Japan and having dietary restrictions, I want to improve my health and better abide by my personal belief in being kind to animals and the environment. For me, with my future living situation being uncertain, I think now is as good of a time as any to try to make this change.



In honor of today, I tried to actually cook something. I am not a particularly skilled cook, although I do want to learn more. This is brown rice spaghetti with assorted veggies (tomatoes with chili sauce, spinach, and shiitake) and fried tofu. It tastes better than it looks, I promise!


From now on, I want to share more on this blog about not only eating out, but also focus on other things, like grocery shopping and cooking (because I can’t afford to eat out everyday). I am only a beginner and I’m not sure if anyone will be reading, but I want to document part of my journey.



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