Vegetarian and Vegan Japanese Curry Time! ヴィーガン・ベジタリアンカレー

Last year, CoCo Ichibanya started offering vegetarian curry (milk products are included, so this is not vegan!) at some of their restaurants throughout Japan. I’ve been many times as the curry is delicious and it’s an easy, cheap option. I usually stick with the half size order and order vegetable toppings. When you order a half-size vegetarian curry, you also get a free drink (coffee, tea, soda, etc.)!  Depending on what you order in terms of toppings, you can get a filling meal for around 600 yen.



Half-size curry with mixed vegetables and eggplant ハーフカレー(+野菜、茄子)


Half-size curry with mushroom ハーフカレー(+きのこ)


Sadly, not all of the stores offer the curry! Please refer to the link below to check for which stores have the vegetarian/vegan curry or not (Tokyo has many, as well as Aichi Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Hyogo Prefecture).




Thank you for reading! More posts coming soon. 🙂