Fukuoka: Macrobiotic Cafe Evah Dining マクロビオティックカフェエヴァダイニング

The other day during Golden Week I was in Kyushu, traveling in Saga and Fukuoka Prefectures. There wasn’t much vegan food that I could easily access for most of the trip, but on the final day in Fukuoka I had a chance to check out Evah Dining for a late lunch.



I ended up ordering their daily lunch special, called an “Evah plate,” pictured above. The side dishes on the white plate included a small fried tofu patty with tomato sauce, pasta salad, and what I think is some pickled tofu skin. Everything tasted pretty good and the quantity of the food was actually quite filling. If I had more chances to go again, I definitely would have.



I also picked up a carob muffin for a snack/dessert. I don’t necessarily recommend this, however, as the texture was very crumbly and the carob chips were only at the top of the muffin. I think next time I will avoid the baked goods.



お昼を食べてから快晴に恵まれました。Perfect weather on the way back from lunch..

Macrobiotic Cafe Evah Dining is located in the basement floor of the Riverain Mall in Fukuoka. It is a short 2-minute walk from Nakasukawa Station on the Fukuoka Subway City Kūkō Line. The cafe closes early (around 7:30 P.M.) so come for lunch or for an early dinner.


For more information: http://www.evahdining.com/


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