Ethical Vegan Festival in Osaka, Kyoto Weekend trip・大阪でのヴィーガンフェスティバル、京都旅など

On Sunday was the 4th Ethical Vegan festival in Osaka, located in Nakazakicho. This time especially was well-attended and I am very happy I was able to meet with some of the vegan/vegetarian community in Kansai again. 先週末は、大阪の中崎町にある4回目のエシカルヴィーガンフェスティバルでした!去年より来客が増えて、関西のベジタリアン・ヴィーガンのコミュニテイーにまた会えてとても嬉しいです。


Of course, I ate a lot of delicious food, including some awesome doughnuts from a small bakery (Flora) in Kyoto!もちろんたくさんの美しい食べ物をいただきました。特にドーナツが美味しかったと思っていました。



Before going to the festival on Sunday afternoon, however, I went to Kyoto! This past weekend I initially had no major plans so I decided on an impromptu overnight stay. As I live a bit far from Kyoto, whenever I go for a day trip I usually stress about planning to maximize my time between sightseeing, shopping, and eating vegan food, but fortunately I had the time to stay overnight and was able to relax and do satisfy pretty much everything I wanted to this time! I went to Kyoto alone and thoroughly enjoyed myself.




For dinner on Saturday, I was able to go to one of the vegan cafes I’ve been wanting to go to for at least a year, Choice. I ordered a salad to try their delicious in-house made cashew cheese, and a (gluten-free) pancake for dessert. I’m looking forward to going back again and trying more of their menu.


For more information about Choice:


During the day, I took a bus north to see one of the temples in Kyoto with a “crimson ceiling” using bloodied wooden planks from Fushimi Castle in 1600. I went to Genkoan, located in the Takagamine area of Kyoto, about one hour away from Kyoto Station. Although I don’t have any images of the ceiling (which did feature the famous bloodstains), I took a photo of the two famous windows–I possess little knowledge about Buddhism, but from what I understand, the rectangular window symbolizes delusion,  and the round window is enlightenment.



I had a great weekend overall, but unfortunately discovered that I left my house key in Kyoto upon getting home on Sunday night. Luckily, my key was found, and reached me a few days later, so all is well again.とても良い週末を過ごせて良かったですが、やっと家に着いた時アパートの鍵を京都に置き忘れたことを気がつきました。運良く、鍵が見つかれて、送ってくれて、今日届きました。