Recently I went to two places Yokohama: one is in Chinatown and is a Taiwanese restaurant with a vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu, and the other is close by, in Kannai, and has vegetarian/vegan-friendly Japanese cuisine on the menu. Both are ideally located, close by to train and subway stations in central Yokohama.

The first is a Taiwanese restaurant called Banwaro. Banwaro is a small restaurant run by a friendly couple. They have a non-veggie menu and a number of items suitable for vegetarians and vegans–just be sure to ask! English appears to be spoken here, as well.

I ordered a stir-fry, soy meat shrimp dish, and gyoza that were all delicious!


Next is Minato, a restaurant in the Kannai area (close to Chinatown) in Yokohama. It opened in fall 2018 and is an izakaya (Japanese pub)-style restaurant serving classic Japanese dishes. The restaurant is pretty casual inside but the food is very delicious. Make sure to ask for the vegetarian and vegan menu when you go inside! Many of the dishes are also Halal-certified.

I ordered okonomiyaki, which I don’t normally get a chance to eat in Japan. It was super delicious, with vegan mayonnaise and had soy meat and konyaku (potato starch-jelly noodles) in the dough.


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