Vegan Onsen and Hot Springs in Yugawara

I went on a relaxing trip to visit the Hakone area in Japan recently. Goen no Mori is a ryokan in Yugawara, a famous hot springs area close to Hakone. It also has all-vegan meals.

Vegan dinner at the ryokan came with two main dishes and all-you-can-eat sides.

Dinner was full of delicious preparations of veggies. The dishes change daily at the whim of the chef. All the vegetables tasted very fresh and were well-prepared! There is a salad, rice, and miso soup buffet, too.

Vegan kushiage

These are kushiage vegetables–deep-fried, crispy, and full of flavor. They came with a zesty dipping sauce.

Vegan ryokan dinner, steam veggies

There were also steamed vegetables for another main dish. They are simple but delicious.

Vegan ryokan breakfast

Breakfast was similar to dinner, with main dishes and side salad, rice, and soup. I also took some green juice, natto, and soy yogurt. The breakfast for me was more filling and more enjoyable than dinner, actually.

I especially appreciated the side salads, miso soup, and rice. All the ingredients were very healthy, focused on nutrition. The food is good to “reset” with, I think.

There are few vegan Japanese inns and onsen, so I was happy for the experience. If you are going to the Hakone or Atami area, I suggest looking into Goen no Mori.

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