Vegan Food in Asakusa at PQ’s – Rainbow Curry

Curry art at PQs Cafe

PQs Cafe is a cozy vegetarian and vegan cafe in Asakusa with delicious picture-worthy curry. Located in a relaxed and less-crowded area of Tokyo, this is the perfect restaurant to take a break at and enjoy some amazing one-of-a-kind food.

PQs operates during the day only and has a small menu. The cook can speak English.

Pictured above is the appetizer, which consisted of tofu and soybean meat. On the left is fried soy meat with a tomato sauce on top, in the middle is silken tofu with perilla leaf and a soba topping, and on the right is deep-fried tofu with a flavorful white sesame sauce and a pickled carrot. Each bite was prepared carefully and was delicious.

The chamomile tea that comes with the curry set was in an adorable cup.

The curry I had was a creamy yellow curry with corn and a dash of spice. The black-colored swirls on top are from a black sesame sauce. This is by far the most aesthetically pleasing curry I’ve ever had. It was delicious.

The outside of the shop looks like this (pictured above). The area is really quiet and residential, so it might be hard to find. There will be a little folding sign outside of the entrance, though, so keep an eye out for it! Also, keep in mind that this is a small cafe with only a few counter seats and two seats at a table. I suggest coming here with, at most, a couple of friends.

This is also an LGBT-friendly space where all guests are welcome. I strongly recommend checking out this cafe when you are in the Asakusa area or eastern Tokyo.

PQs Cafe: