One of my go-to restaurants for vegan food in eastern Tokyo (in the Asakusa, Oshiage/Sky Tree area) is Sekai Cafe, a restaurant with two convenient locations in the city. The Asakusa restaurant is right by the iconic Kaminarimon at Sensoji, and the Oshiage branch is in front of Tokyo Sky Tree.

Sekai Cafe operates based on the concept of hospitality, allowing people with different dietary habits and needs to all eat at the same table, which is something not commonly seen in Japan. These restaurants offer a Halal certified-menu that also caters to gluten-free customers. There are, of course, options for vegetarians and vegans as well. The menus at the Asakusa branch and the Oshiage branch vary, as I will explain below.


The beautifully-presented plate above shows the Fujin Set (around 1,300 yen) from Sekai Cafe in Asakusa. It consists of a vegetable and bean burger with a tasty tomato-based sauce and your choice of grilled potatoes or salad. I usually choose the potatoes as the portion tends to be a bit small for me. I suggest eating this with a fork–putting the burger together is quite hard.

This is the only vegan meal they offer (as of 11/2018), but there are also vegan-friendly side dishes and also some desserts, which I have yet to try.

Sekai Cafe’s interior is bright and casual, which is fitting as it closes early (at 7pm). There is also free wifi, and the servers are very nice and can accommodate English speakers.

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The other location of Sekai Cafe in Oshiage is actually my favorite as it has a slightly larger option for vegans and a wider restaurant space with two floors. Pictured above is the Fried Soy Meat with Rice (Veggie Kara Don), which comes with a side salad and ratatouille. The fried soy meat has an amazing texture and complex flavor. It’s my favorite dish on the menu and something I highly recommend.

In addition to the plate pictured above, other vegan options include a breaded cutlet-style soy meat, dishes with bread instead of rice, and some desserts. If you are in the Sky Tree area, make time for a visit to Sekai Cafe. Like the Asakusa branch, however, it closes in the evening, so come for lunch.

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