Vegan Dinner Course at Ain Soph in Ginza! Colorful Dishes and Fluffy Pancakes

AIN SOPH.ginza, one of the locations under the vegan and vegetarian Ain Soph restaurant brand in Tokyo, offers a delicious and colorful vegan course perfect for celebrations and treating yourself. I was taken there for my birthday last month and want to share what I ate.

Kissho box (main dish) during the dinner course at AIN SOPH.ginza, Tokyo

The course comes with appetizers (fresh salad, soup, and bread with coconut butter), a main dish, and your choice of dessert.

Your main dish comes in a stylish wooden box (“kissho bako,” roughly meaning “lucky box” in Japanese) containing mini portions of Ain Soph’s specialties. You’ll find fried soy meat, a Spanish-style omelet, and tortilla wrap, and dishes that change daily. As shown in the picture, each taste is colorful and beautifully presented. Having eaten the appetizers beforehand, you’ll likely feel very full about midway through the box! However, each is so delicious that I was able to finish it all.

Lastly is dessert. Even though my dining partner and I were stuffed, we were very excited to try the sweets here. You can choose cheesecake or other classic dessert items, but for a slightly extra charge, you can get pancakes.

The pancakes are fluffy, soft, and nothing short of delicious. They come with vanilla and rum raisin ice cream, maple syrup, and coconut butter for toppings in addition to the fruit on the plate. The pancakes were extremely filling. This is a perfect way to end a fantastic, special dinner.

If you have a celebration in Tokyo, look no further than the Ain Soph in Ginza for an extraordinary, 100% vegan dinner. The presentation and taste of the food here is worth the experience!

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