Vegan Cookies with Japanese Flavors! ovgo B.A.K.E.R

ovgo vegan cookies

Sweet, chewy, and crumbly–many of us likely have fond memories of munching on cookies after school, and sneaking in just one more before dinner. The 100% vegan and plant-based options at ovgo B.A.K.E.R, a bakery based in Tokyo, Japan, may be the childhood favorite missing from your life.

ovgo B.A.K.E.R vegan cookies
ovgo B.A.K.E.R. vegan cookies

The cookies baked at Ovgo are all vegan and made with whole, healthful ingredients. You can find classic flavors like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle, along with more unique varieties, like Cocoa Earl Grey and rosemary-infused cookies. Japanese ingredients, like matcha, adzuki bean, and kinako are also prominently featured in some cookies, too.

ovgo B.A.K.E.R vegan cookies
Sugar Black pepper and Impossible Chocolatechip

The cookies at Ovgo are fist-sized and “American-style,” thick and made with a balance of chewy and crumble. All varieties are delicious, sweet and will satisfy any cookie lover.

A few options are gluten-free as well–keep in mind that these tend to be more crumbly than the non-gluten-free cookies.

ovgo B.A.K.E.R vegan cookies
Chewy and thick vegan cookies from ovgo B.A.K.E.R.

ovgo B.A.K.E.R. has its main shop in Kodemmacho, Tokyo. The closest station is Kodemmacho Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, but if you’re in the Nihonbashi area you can stop by easily as it is close. If you’re not in Tokyo, there is also a bakery in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture. The bakery also has pop-up stores and sells cookies online (Japan-wide delivery only).

See the ovgo B.A.K.E.R Instagram for more information:

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