Have a Sip of Japanese Cafe Culture at Vegan KOMEDA is, in Ginza, Tokyo


KOMEDA is is a cafe is run by Komeda Coffee, a huge national chain of coffee shops with a classic Japanese kissaten cafe flair, and offers a completely vegan menu of food, dessert, and drinks, nestled in a corner of Ginza, Tokyo.

This 100% plant-based cafe’s name makes more sense in Japanese (KOMEDA for Komeda Coffee, and the “is” is a part of “daizu,” which means soybean). True to its name, much of the menu here does contain soy.

What makes KOMEDA is so special? If you’re searching for comfort food, KOMEDA is has got you covered, with voluminous burgers, pasta, and sandwiches. If you are looking for a quick coffee break and some dessert, KOMEDA is has a huge selection of plant-based lattes and coffee, and Japanese fluffy pancakes. There is also free WiFi.

All orders are taken via tablet, and the menu is available in English, making placing your order simple.

Vegan miso cheeseburger from KOMEDA is

For first-time visitors, try one of the hamburgers on the menu–these are some of the best vegan hamburgers you’ll find in all of Japan. You will get a large burger (choose between miso cheese, avocado teriyaki, and other choices–options may vary) and a healthy side of French fries. The patties are grilled to perfection and the buns fluffy like soft vegan pillows.

Fried tofu and fried soymeat

For a light snack or side dish to share with friends, you can also try fried tofu or fried soymeat (“karaage” style). There are also salads, classic Japanese-style sandwiches, other snack options on the menu.

Vienna coffee (soymilk)

For dessert, the cafe offers pancakes, cakes, sweet lattes and milky drinks (with soy or oat milk), and more. If you want a relaxing cafe environment where you can enjoy something sweet too, this is the perfect place.

For more info, see the official website (Japanese): https://www.komeda-is.com/