Convenience Stores in Japan

asahi vegan soy milk tea

Convenience stores (or just “conbini”) are a well-established, reliable fixture in Japan. Wherever you go, there’s guaranteed to be a conbini around the corner. Conbini are great because most are open 24 hours a day, have a large selection of food for pretty much everyone, and the quality of the food is consistent throughout the country. Here is a list and some visual references for some of the vegan-friendly foods I have found so far to my liking.


  1. Dashi (出汁) derived from fish is used for flavoring is often in many foods, including rice balls (onigiri). Sugar and emulsifiers are also
  2. Please be aware that due to insufficient labeling laws and information, vegan-friendly selections can change over time. Please see this website for a regularly-updated list of vegan-friendly foods: 

All Convenience Stores in Japan

  • Asahi Soy Milk Tea [pictured below]
  • Morinaga Macrobiha Biscuits (comes in Cacao, Nuts & Berries flavors)
  • Nori shio/seaweed and salt flavored potato chips (from brands Calbee and Koikeya)

asahi vegan soy milk tea

Seven-Eleven セブンイレブン

  • Pickled Plum Rice Ball (紀州蜜柑南高梅手巻きおにぎり)[pictured below]
  • Salt/Plain (塩むすびおにぎり)
  • Anman Bun (あんまん)



Lawson ローソン

  • Pickled Plum Rice Ball–wrapped in nori (紀州南高梅手巻きおにぎり)
  • 100 yen Lawson Baked sweet potato (焼き芋、ローソンストア100のみ)
  • Natural Lawson Macrobiotic Biscuits Soymilk and Soybean Flour(マクロビオティック 豆乳きな粉ビスケット)