Burger King Japan’s Plant-based Whopper, Version 2: Vegan-Friendly Fast Food on Menus through September 2

Burger King’s second version of their Plant-Based Whopper is on the menus of most Japanese Burger Kings, from now until September 2, 2021. This bunless burger comes with two chargrilled soy-veggie-based patties that hold the burger together. On the inside are classic Whopper toppings: tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles, for a simple, but satisfying vegan-friendly burger.

No meat, dairy, or other animal-derived products are used in this burger, making it vegetarian and vegan suitable for most! However, these burgers are prepared and cooked in the same environment and with the same utensils as non-vegan and non-vegetarian foods, so there is a chance of cross-contamination. If you have a food sensitivity, allergies, or do not prefer this style of preparation, please do not eat this burger.

The plant-based Whopper is available at the majority of Burger King locations throughout Japan, and is priced at 660 yen for the burger alone, and 990 for a fries and drink set–a price comparable to other normal items on the menu.

vegan burger king japan
An up-close shot of the plant-based Whopper in Japan

The smokey flavor of the plant-based patties is delicious and very pronounced. The patties are well-cooked and have a pleasant, chewy texture.

Since this is such a simple burger with minimal ingredients, using your own sauce (ketchup, vegan-friendly mayonnaise, a spicy sauce), will add some interest and keep the patties from tasting too dry.

burger king vegan japan
Burger King Japan’s Plant-based Whopper, Version 2

In December 2020, Burger King Japan came out with a “first version” of the plant-based Whopper, which featured a plant-based patty but buns containing dairy. The first version was only out for a limited time, too.

Order the Plant-Based Whopper as a set for a complete vegan-friendly fast food experience

Burger King Japan’s plain French fries contain no animal-derived ingredients, so for a full meal and classic fast food experience, order a set!

If you’re interested, be sure to try the Plant-based Whopper, Version 2 at a Burger King Japan by September 2, 2021. When the author ordered hers, the burger was on the regular menu and easy to order. Starting on August 13, this vegan-friendly burger should be available for delivery as well.