About Let’s Vegan

Let’s Vegan, Japan, is a blog focused on vegetarianism and veganism in Japan, written from the perspective of Southern California native, Jazzy, currently living and working in Kyoto. Here you will find a lot of restaurant reviews, info on vegan food, and cooking posts all Japan-related.

This blog is written in English and Japanese and is intended for both audiences. English is my native language but I actively try to improve my Japanese. I hope to offer entertaining and useful content for vegetarians and non-Japanese English speakers living and/or traveling in Japan.

The Japanese portions of this blog will hopefully be educational for any Japanese readers who are interested in a different perspective and/or vegetarianism. Subscribe and keep reading if you enjoy my posts!

About Me

I have been ovo-lacto vegetarian for most of my teenage years and decided to go fully vegan in March 2017. Being from California, where veganism and vegetarianism are well-known, and meat/dairy substitutes like Beyond Meat are commonplace in supermarkets, it’s been a huge adjustment in Japan. On the other hand, it’s fun figuring out what to eat in the land of sushi and many meaty Japanese dishes (ramen and yakiniku, anyone?).

I’m doing my best to keep living and eating the way I want to: plant-based, healthy, and as kind as I can be to the Earth, and I believe others who feel the same way can do so, too!