Vegan Eats in Kamakura, Shonan, and Kawasaki

Lately, I’ve been busy with finishing up school and preparing for a move, but I’m excited to share a few new restaurants with vegan options in Kanagawa Prefecture as well as Tokyo, which I’ve visited over the past couple of months.


Pictured above is a waffle and salad plate from merci cafe in Zushi, located in the Shonan area (nearby Kamakura). merci cafe is a small vegetarian restaurant with a cute interior and a friendly owner.

I visited during the Golden Week holidays, so the menu was limited. However, the waffles were tasty as was the salad, and I definitely want to revisit to try the other options on the menu.


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Next is a restaurant with vegetarian and vegan options in Kamakura called Magokoro. I enjoyed a vegan plate with fried gluten and tempeh for protein, along with some side dishes and rice.

Most, if not all, the dishes at Magokoro contain hemp in the ingredients, although I didn’t taste it in mine (but this is probably why the rice pictured above is a little gray in color). The food was good and the menu offers a lot of options for non-veggie diners as well. The location of the restaurant is right by the coast so you can get a seat close to the oceanfront.

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Finally is Cafe loop, a tiny cafe located on a small, quiet side street in the Musashikosugi area of Kawasaki. Everything here is vegan, and dessert is also offered. I ordered the daily special which comes with a choice of bread or rice, and soup. Musashikogsugi is a pleasant and convenient area for shopping, so I definitely recommend stopping by.

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