Convenience Stores

Convenience stores (or just “conbini”) are a well-established fixture in Japan. Wherever you go, there’s guaranteed to be a conbini around the corner. Conbini are great because most are open 24 hours a day, have large selection of food for pretty much everyone, and the quality of the food is consistent throughout the country. Here is a list and some visual references of some of the vegan foods I have found so far to my liking.


Seven Eleven (セブンイレブン):

  • Kelp Rice Ball (真昆布手巻きおにぎり)
  • Pickled Plum Rice Ball (紀州蜜柑南高梅手巻きおにぎり)[pictured below]
  • Salt/Plain (塩むすびおにぎり)
  • Red Bean and Rice Ball (赤飯おこわおにぎり),
  • Grilled Soy Sauce Rice Ball (こんがり焼いた焼きおにぎり)
  • Fluffy Rich Sesame Anman (ふんわり濃厚ごまあんまん)



  • Seaweed Rice Ball–wrapped in nori (日高昆布手巻きおにぎり)
  • Pickled Plum Rice Ball–wrapped in nori (紀州南高梅手巻きおにぎり)
  • 100 yen Lawson Baked sweet potato (焼き芋、ローソンストア100のみ)
  • Natural Lawson Macrobiotic Pumpkin Cookies (かぼちゃのマクロビオティッククッキー)