Baking Experimentation (with minimal equipment and skills) Episode 1: Sweet Potato Rice Cooker Cake 手作りスイーツ試作第一回:炊飯器で焼いてみた!さつまいもケーキ

This morning marks the beginnings of my experimentation/misadventures with vegan baking! Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts about food and cooking, and with my recent vegan transition I have decided I want to try making more things by myself, sweets included!


However, my kitchen is very small and I have very limited equipment. I am without an oven, so I can’t really bake anything traditionally.


One way to get around this is to use a rice cooker to bake things like cakes and breads. It is actually pretty common here ( and you can find a lot of recipes online. The cakes look pretty cute (or silly) when they finish baking.


For this installment of my baking experimentation, I decided to try the rice cooker method to make a vegan cake using pancake mix, sweet potato, and soymilk.



Ingredients in the pancake (hotcake) mix: flour,  a variety of sugar, liquid sweeteners, salt, baking powder, fragrance… The mix is produced in a factory that shares equipment with egg and milk products, but the only allergen in the mix is wheat. You can find this brand of pancake mix basically at any supermarket.


To make the cake, I used a 200 gram pack of mix, 1 cup of soymilk, and two small sweet potatoes, steamed and then mashed. Since the pancake mix included sugar already, I didn’t add any extra sweetener. I mixed it all together and poured the batter into my rice cooker. I baked the cake for approximately 1 hour, but it probably should have been in for longer (some parts of the cake were still a bit soft, unfortunately.)


Here was the final product:



The flavor of the cake was not as bad as I anticipated–I like the idea of putting in vegetables into the mix, and the sweet potatoes lend well to baking.  Next time, however, I will let the cake bake for longer! I also want to try finding a mix that contains less sugar to make something a bit healthier.


Original Recipe 参考:


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