Ain Soph Ginzaアインソフ銀座

This past week I checked out the Ain Soph in Ginza for the first time. The menu has a different selection that the other locations, and the interior is stylish and very fitting to the upscale neighborhood of Ginza. There’s also a tatami room on the fourth floor of the restaurant which seems to be available to use for special events with an advanced reservation. The food was delicious and I had a nice night. 今週、アインソフ銀座に行く機会で、始めて行ってきました。他の店舗と比べたら、料理が少し異なって、少し高めです。内装は綺麗で、4階に畳の部屋もあります。

IMG_5565まず、ベジミート唐揚げをいただきました。ソースはマヨネーズのベースでとても美味しかったです。肉を食べる相手に好評でした。I chose fried veggie meat as an appetizer, which came with a vegan-mayonnaise based dressing on the side. This dish was very well-received by my meat-eating dining partner!


選んだメインはナッツたっぷりドライカレーでした。池袋、新宿の店舗にもあると思います。My main dish was a mild curry with nuts, which was flavorful and delicious. This curry is available some of the other Ain Soph locations.


別腹、カカオのガトーショコラ。とても美味しかったです。チョコレートが好きな人におすすめです!Dessert was a chocolate cake that was really delicious and decadent.


抹茶ビールもあります。There’s also matcha beer!


This Ain Soph is a nice place for a romantic dinner date or fancy get-together with friends, with the elegant and upscale atmosphere and the interior of the restaurant creating a very special and nice time.

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